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Our Projects

Temarise is forming a portfolio of precious metals and critical metals assets that are crucial to sustainable green energy development.


Located in the southern Gobi region of Mongolia, the Khotgor REE Project (pronounced ‘Hotgor‘) is one of the world’s largest undeveloped Rare Earth deposits.

The Project is strategically located on the doorstep of Asian customers and potential offtake partners. Rare earths remain critical in various applications with future demand to remain strong driven by the clean energy economy through e-mobility and wind power

The Argal Au project is based in Lun soum, Tuv province, Mongolia. Initially sruveyed by Centerra Gold back in 2009, The project is being re-evaluated by Temarise with new drilling programs for an updated MRE and scoping study.


Temarise will also explore and evaluate additional prospects within the resource sector that align with its vision. These business possibilities could involve acquiring projects directly, forming joint ventures, farm-ins, obtaining tenements/permits, and/or engaging in direct equity participation. 

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