Temarise has a unique understanding of the drivers of business success in the Mongolian and Central Asian natural resources sector. This, combined with the team’s excellent network of investors and policy-makers and its technical expertise gained from years of working with natural resource companies enable us to provide strategic counsel which de-risks and adds value to projects in the region.
Whether it’s guiding you through the regulatory and political landscape, enhancing your on-the-ground network, strengthening your technical modelling or increasing awareness of your project among investors around the world, Temarise enables its clients to:
·         Gain access to European and International capital market for Mongolian and Central Asian natural resource projects
·         Create long-lasting relationships with regional political influencers and on-the-ground industry   experts in Mongolia & Central Asia
·         Better understand the risk profile of their projects and to find appropriate solutions
·         Benefit from technical support grounded in a deep understanding of the local geology



Founder and Director

Battuya is experienced in business development, investor relations, corporate development, director-level executive search and financial management. Raised in Mongolia, she has a Masters degree in International Business from Hult International Business School in the UK. She has a strong network of professional connections in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors. Battuya has acted as a trade ambassador in Central Asia as well as working as Corporate Manager for London and Canadian listed lithium development company Bacanora Minerals.


She has strong cross-cultural skills and understanding, and is experienced in delivering successful road-show campaigns to international investors. Battuya is the founder of an Baylag consultancy firm in Mongolia and she was working as an Investor Relations person for a London Main Listed diamond producer. As well as being involved in Mergers and Acquisitions initiatives in the international mining sector.

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We help shape the future of our clients in Central Asia and Mongolia combining a deep understanding and insight of how businesses can operate, as well as the social, regulatory, political and economic variables in this vast and diverse region. Our expertise in natural resources is particularly relevant as these emerging markets rely upon the abundance of natural assets to underpin the sustainable growth of their economies and social development.


At Temarise we understand the drivers of business success in Central Asia and Mongolia. We have the people, skills, insights and hands-on industry experience needed to deliver the best results for our clients. With an understanding of the subtle orchestrations, rhythms and movements which set true high performers apart in challenging environments, we bring the arts and science of business together to help our clients successfully bridge the gap between European, Central Asian and Mongolian cultures to achieve the best possible results.